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Hospice Services for Those Who Live Life with a Spark



At Lifesprk Hospice, we focus on you as a whole person. Your happiness. Your wishes. Your life, as you want to live it. That’s where we start.

In our unique approach to hospice, we never lose focus on who you are as a person. You can expect a full team of people getting to know you personally and finding creative ways to make every day meaningful.

We want to help you keep the spark in every day of your life. To us, that means:

- Looking for ways to keep you independent as long as possible.
- Relieving stress on you and the people you care about.
- Alleviating pain and unifying your medical care according to your wishes.
- Keeping you connected to essentials in life that bring you joy.

Our hospice team is committed to easing the way for you and your family. We can help you experience greater strength, a sense of peace, and—very likely—some of the most meaningful times of your life.

Introducing Lifesprk Hospice



Hospice isn’t about giving up. It’s about living more fully in the time we have left.

When you are ready, you can turn to us for advice.

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What is Hospice?

Hospice care is a specific type of palliative care provided when your remaining life can be measured in months, not years. Hospice services bring you comfort and serenity by improving the overall quality of your life: Physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

In hospice, you receive medical treatments needed to make you feel better and address your symptoms. Treatments aimed at curing your illness, however, are not part of hospice care.

How Do You Picture the Rest of Your Life?

Live like you want to, as long as you can. Our goal is to help you stay in control of your life. With that in mind, we’re here to empower you and your family in your personal planning.

We’re on this journey together. If you face challenges in any area of your life, you can call on your hospice team. Your peace of mind is our priority, and helping you think of creative solutions is our passion.

Hospice daughter and mom

Talking about hospice isn’t easy for anyone. If you’re feeling nervous about starting the conversation about the care you want, you’re in good company.

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Take a deep breath. Lifesprk has the resources to help find the right provider for your loved one’s wishes and priorities when it comes to hospice care.

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“My wish for the people is that they’d embrace hospice instead of resisting it. It’s a great kindness you can do for yourself.”

Joel Theisen, RN
Lifesprk, CEO and Founder