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“End-of-life can be a deeply sacred time, rich with opportunity for connection and transformation. As a volunteer, I get to be a witness and a guide for the dying and their loved ones, and invite them into that sacred space.”

-Katie U., Lifesprk Hospice Volunteer

A chance to make a real difference

We couldn’t do this work without our volunteers. Will you join our hospice team? The gift of your time can help keep the spark in someone’s life. 


Companionship volunteer

In this role, you connect with people who need someone to spend time with them. Maybe you read the morning paper to a person whose eyesight isn’t what it used to be. Or you play cards with someone whose family isn’t available that day. Sometimes you’re called upon to lend a compassionate ear or simply sit with a person so they’re not alone. You might assist with light housekeeping, grocery shopping, or giving someone a ride to an appointment.

Often our companionship volunteers are giving a much-needed break to a family member or caregiver who needs a little time for themselves.

You’ll never be asked to provide any personal cares (medications, hygiene). Your simple-but-vital responsibility is to be present for a person who needs some friendly support for a short while.

Special talent volunteer

Share your unique gifts. Our special talent volunteers enrich lives in many compelling ways. Do you sing or play an instrument? Can you cut hair? Maybe you paint or give hand massages. If you have a passion or a special skill, there’s probably someone who would love you to share it with them.



“I was a little worried about volunteering, because I wasn’t sure what to expect. But this soulful experience has changed my life forever.”

- Jackie S., Lifesprk Volunteer

What background should you have?

You’ll get all of the training you need. You just have to be a non-judgmental, caring individual, interested in people, who likes to listen and talk. A sense of humor is a plus.

Whatever role you choose, you will be cherished here at Lifesprk Hospice. Our volunteers teach us something new every day.


We look forward to hearing from you! If you’d like to volunteer, please reach out:

Call Us
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