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Our Mission: To Spark Lives

At Lifesprk, we have a long history of helping people keep the spark in their lives. Our unique approach to hospice services reflects that same commitment.

Entering hospice is not the beginning of the end. It’s a continuation of your rich, full life.



We Take Hospice Personally

Our starting point is you, the whole person in our care.

We come to know you as the exceptional individual you are. What makes you happy? Who are the most important people to you? What do you wish for? Once we understand what makes your life meaningful, we help you and your loved ones develop a customized plan for keeping the spark in your day. Even as your illness progresses, we look for ways to enrich your experience.

Your Concerns are Our Concerns

At Lifesprk Hospice, we want to support you however we can. In other words, we sometimes color outside of the lines. Would it surprise you if your hospice team found you a great realtor in your area or connected you with a hair stylist who would come to your home? We help you find solutions. Big and small.

By relieving some of your stress, we free up your mind to focus on the people, thoughts, and activities that bring you comfort. And that puts more spark in your day.

In addition to providing medical care, we work with you and your family to help you maintain your most meaningful life. What that means is different for everyone.



Examples of Ways We Might Help

  • Do you and your family have trouble talking openly about your health or your future?
    We can facilitate those tough, important conversations for you.
  • Are you worried you won’t be able to keep your dog if you can’t care for her properly?
    Maybe you’d like us to help you find a dog walker.
  • Are you overwhelmed with calls from family and friends who want to know how you’re doing?
    We can help you simplify that process.
  • Is it getting hard to make it to the store as often as you’d like?
    We can help you get groceries and other items delivered.
  • Do you have too much time on your hands?
    We can help you find fulfilling ways to spend your days.
  • Do you wish you had more social contact?
    We can work with you to identify activities that you’d enjoy, where you’ll meet more people.
  • Are you spending energy you don’t have to keep your home tidy?
    Maybe we line you up with an affordable cleaning service.
  • Do you feel you’re asking your family for too much support?
    We can help you find resources to relieve some of the pressure on them.

You are a whole person in our care. We foster the specific passions and experiences that make your life worth living. Going out of our way for you is just … our way.


Take a deep breath. Lifesprk has the resources to help find the right provider for your loved one’s wishes and priorities when it comes to hospice care.

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