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We’re big believers in filling lives with meaning and joy.

Our Mission - At Lifesprk, we have a long history of helping people keep the spark in their lives.

Our Approach

  • We take hospice personally.
  • We get to know your loved one as a whole person.
  • We help them stay independent as long as possible.
  • We brainstorm creative ways to making every day more meaningful.

Our Depth of Services

As a Lifesprk Hospice client, you have access to Lifesprk’s full continuum of care, including: Our own medical experts in home health, home care, and other services as needed to support you and your loved one quickly. Our Navigation team can easily connect you to resources for whatever you need, whenever you need them.

Our Promise

Lifesprk Hospice will help your family make the most of every day. You’ll find greater strength, a sense of peace—and very likely—some of the most meaningful times of your life.

We love this work and hope you feel comfortable turning to us for advice.
If you’d like more immediate help, call our office directly using the numbers below.

Hospice Referral Direct: 952-737-4350   |   Lifesprk Main Number: 952-345-8770